Pluto Press Catching History on the Wing

A. Sivanandan is a highly influential thinker on race, racism, globalisation resistance. Since 1972, he has been the director of Institute of Race Relations editor of & Class, which set policy agenda on ethnicity r


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Pluto Press Power and Its Disguises

This book explores both the complexities of local situations and power relations that shape global order. He shows historically informed anthropological perspectives can contribute to debates about democratisation by incorporating a 'v


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Routledge Aion

Aion is one of a number of major works that Jung wrote during his seventies were concerned with the relations between psychology, alchemy and religion. He is particularly in this volume rise of Christianity


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Routledge Personality Structure and Human Interaction

How has a theory of man as a social being to be formulated if we are to do justice to his individuality, to subtle ways in which love and hate compete within relations others to anxieties resistances he shows when he s


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Columbia Hunters, Herders, and Hamburgers

Richard W. Bulliet has long been a leading figure in the study of human animal relations, and in his newest work, Hunters, Herders, Hamburgers, he offers a sweeping engaging perspective on this dynamic relationship from prehistory


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Cornell University Press The Making of Southeast Asia

Developing a framework to study "what makes a region," Amitav Acharya investigates the origins and evolution of Southeast Asian regionalism international relations. He views Association of Nations (ASEAN) "fr


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OUP Oxford Wittgenstein and Natural Religion

Gordon Graham presents a radically innovative study of Wittgenstein's philosophy, in relation to the age old impulse to connect ordinary human life with transcendent reality of God. He offers an account of its relevance to of religio


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Vintage Interracial Intimacies

In Interracial Intimacies, Randall Kennedy hits a nerve at the center of American society: race relations our most intimate ties to each other. Writing with same piercing intelligence he brought to his national bestseller


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Princeton Collected Works of C.G. Jung, Volume 7

This volume has become known as perhaps the best introduction to Jung's work. In these famous essays. "The Relations between Ego and Unconscious" "On Psychology of Unconscious," he presented essential co


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Phoenix Islam and War

The author graduated from the University of Strasbourg III. He practiced for nearly twenty years as an academic teacher in public law and international relations. He is also specialist in Islamic Studies. . Thus, there has bec


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